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Subject: [xacml] Problem in SubjectQualifier/SubjectAttributeDesignatorWhere

-------Forwarded for Seth Proctor---------------------------------------------
I think there's a problem with the schema involving the
SubjectAttributeDesignatorWhere (or the proposed name
SubjectQualifier, which I like more). It used to extend
SubjectAttributeDesignatorType, but with the addition of the
category element, it now only extends AttributeDesignatorType. It
still contains, however, a list of SubjectMatchType, which in
turn use SubjectAttributeDesignatorType as their designator.

Shouldn't the match elements also extend AttributeDesignatorType
and not SubjectAttributeDesignatorType in the SubjectQualifier? I
think this needs a new match type that uses AttributeDesignator
but is specified in the spec to look in the subject section of
the request for all attributes.

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