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Subject: [xacml] subjects

I think the easiest way around this problem is to eliminate the
SubjectCategory from the SubjectAttributeDesignator and add the
SubjectQualifiers to the SubjectAttributeDesignator.

A SubjectQualifier extends a AttributeDesignator with the following
attributes "MatchId" and a "AttributeValue" element.

This approach allows you to qualify the SubjectMatch in the target to any
category or any other attribute. The only thing that remains a problem for
targeting is the MustBePresent, as before.

Next extend QualifiedSubjectAttributeDesignator SubjectAttributeDesignator
with a "FromSubjects" attribute of which its default value is
"single-subject", as opposed to "multiple-subjects".

Only QualifiedSubjectAttributeDesignators are allowed to be Expressions.
If the FromSubjects attribute is set to single-subject and multiple
subjects match, the expression raises an indeterminate.

QualifiedSubjectAttributeIsPresent extends SubjecAttributeDesignator with
a "MustBeSingleSubject" attribute. If MustBeSingleSubject is set to "true"
and the qualifiers select zero or more than one subject, then the answer
is false.  Otherwise, it returns the true if the attribute is within that
selected subject. A true result with MustBeSingleSubject set to true means
that the attribute is present and a QualfiedSubjectATtributeDesignator
with FromSubjects=single-subject will not raise an indeterminate.

What do you think?

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