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Subject: [xacml] minOccurs of AttributeValue in context:Attribute

If you are allowed to have in the context a minOccurs=0 for
AttributeValues in the <Attribute> then you may get Attributes without

Therefore, this makes the concept that you are allowed to have datatypes
(extensions) that DO NOT have values.

So, now that the *IsPresent elements have been voted out, it brings up
another issue. Simon proposed a method for testing for the presence of an
attribute by testing for an empty bag.

Now that mechanism will not always work. There is no way to distinguish
whether you have one or more attributes that do not have any values, or
the attribute is not present.

Therefore, I request that the minOccurs=1 for AttributeValue to appear in
<Attribhute> in the Context, to prevent extension datatypes from not
having values.


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