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Subject: [xacml] CR summary from Anne

CR Summary list from Anne attached ... she's having trouble w/email.

Subject: Summary of Change Requests actions taken 11/7/02

Here is a list of the spec and schema changes that need to be
made as a result of the actions taken in the TC meeting on
UNRESOLVED Change Requests this morning.  If there is something I
missed or got wrong, please respond ASAP to the list!!!


CR#0092: Section 7 on Attributes needs revision

-v0.18f already incorporates the revised text that Polar
-Add edits Anne supplied as follows:
  7.9.1 Attribute Matching, second sentence:

    "An attribute specifies AttributeId, DataType, and Issuer
     attributes, and each named attribute also specifies
     AttributeId, DataType, and Issuer attributes.

  7.9.1 Attribute Matching, fourth sentence and following:

    "The AttributeId attribute MUST match, by URI equality, that of
                              ^ of the named attribute      xxxxxxx
     the AttributeId attribute of the attribute."
                                     ^context attribute

     The DataType attribute MUST match, by URI equality, that of
                           ^of the named attribute       xxxxxxx
     the DataType attribute of the same attribute.
     If the Issuer attribute is supplied, it MUST match, by URI
                                        ^in the named attribute
     equality, the Issuer attribute of the same attribute.
     If the Issuer attribute is not supplied in the named
     attribute, the matching of the attribute to the named
     attribute SHALL be governed by ...
     In the case of the attribute selector, the matching of the...

  7.9.4 Subject Attributes

    "A conformant implementation MUST support the subject category
     attribute, which is an attribute with the criteria of an
     AttributeId of ...

CR#0146: Function "present" needs to be fixed
-All *AttributeDesignators and AttributeSelector have XML
 attribute "MustBePresent".  Semantics are explained in "7.9.2
-Section 5.24 Element <Apply>
 Remove all references to *IsPresent elements
-Remove Section 5.30 Element <ResourceAttributeIsPresent>
-Remove Section 5.31 Element <ActionAttributeIsPresent>
-Remove Section 5.32 Element <EnvironmentAttributeIsPresent>
-Remove Section 5.34 Element <SubjectyAttributeIsPresent>
-Update Section 10.3.1 Schema Elements

CR#0154: SubjectQualifier/SubjectAttributeDesignatorWhere
-Remove all references to QualifiedSubjectAttributeDesignator (and
 old name of SubjectAttributeDesignatorWhere)
-Remove all references to SubjectQualifiery
-Use "SubjectAttributeDesignator", rather than proposed
-In general, Multiple <Subject> elements with same
 subject-category are permitted, but SubjectAttributeDesignator
 treats all Attributes in all <Subject> elements that have the
 same subject-category XML attribute as if they were the same
 <Subject>.  AttributeSelector may be used to distinguish between
 them if desired.

CR#0156: ObligationType
-Editorial change already incorporated

CR#0157:Glitch in moving from decimal to double
-Reference to IBMSDA already replaced with reference to IEEE 754.
-Remove any other reference to IBMSDA

CR#0162: Subjects
-Same as CR#0154

Anne H. Anderson             Email: Anne.Anderson@Sun.COM
Sun Microsystems Laboratories
1 Network Drive,UBUR02-311     Tel: 781/442-0928
Burlington, MA 01803-0902 USA  Fax: 781/442-1692

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