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Subject: Re: [xacml] IIC012: syntax-error or processing-error?

I also like option a:
- Allow for implementations that will NEVER try to evaluate a
  syntactically invalid policy at the time a Request is received:
  such implementations will be exempted from the tests that have
  syntactically invalid policies.
- If an implementation MAY EVER try to evaluate a syntactically
  invalid policy at the time a Request is received: specify that
  the Decision is to be Indeterminate and the StatusCode Value is
  to be "urn:...:syntax-error"

I will modify the Conformance Tests that currently generate an
"Indeterminate" by a type incompatibility to use either a missing
MustBePresent attribute or a divide-by-zero, except in the cases
where I was explicitly testing the handling of an invalid policy

I can use a validating XML parser to do the XML syntax checking
of all the Conformance Test policies, but I do not have a way of
checking type correctness at this time.  If someone could make a
pass through the Conformance Test *Policy*.xml files to check for
type correctness, I would appreciate it.


On 4 December, bill parducci writes: Re: [xacml] IIC012: syntax-error or processing-error?
 > From: bill parducci <bill.parducci@overxeer.com>
 > To: "'XACML TC '" <xacml@lists.oasis-open.org>
 > Subject: Re: [xacml] IIC012: syntax-error or processing-error?
 > Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 10:28:46 -0800
 > Polar Humenn wrote:
 > > For the case when you have a single malformed policy to be evaluated
 > > against a request, the answer is just simply undefined. The implementer
 > > can choose. Therefore, there should not be a "CONFORMANCE" test for it.
 > 'undefined' needs to manifest itself somehow in the decision.
 > back to the run-time vs. precompiled topic for a sec..
 > supposing that there is a use case/conformance test that has a mis-typed (or otherwise malformed) policy: under the precompiled model, this policy will simply be thrown out upon being communicated to the system; under the run-time model it will generate a status code 'other than OK' and issue a decision of INDETERMINATE. with this in mind we can: (a) allow for both of these scenarios to have it owns conformance criteria; (b) take a stand on which evaluation mechanism is supported; (c) consider it out of scope and allow for unlimted of decision/status combinations.
 > i personally think that option 'a' is worth considering because option 'b' forces us to make an implementation decision and option 'c' is a bit loose for my taste.
 > b
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