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Subject: [xacml] Section A.6. Function "expression"

Section A.6 states that all expressions listed below evaluate to either a
primitive type, or a bag of primitive types.

This needs to be enhanced because of the <Function> argument, and also it
states nothing of extension types.

I suggest the following wording:

Change the first paragraph to:

XACML specifies expressions in terms of the following elements of which
the <Apply> and <Condition> elements recursively compose greater
expressions.  Valid expressions shall be type correct, which means that
the types of each of the elements contained within <Apply> and <Condition>
elements shall agree with the respective argument types of the function
that is named by the FunctionId attribute.  The resultant type of the
<Apply> or <Condition> element shall be the resultant type of the
function, which may be narrowed to a primitive data type or a bag of a
primitive data type by type unification. XACML defines an evaluation
result of "Indeterminate", which is said to be the result of an invalid
expression, or an operational error occurring during the evaluation of the

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