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Subject: [xacml] XACML December 12, 2002 Minutes

Title: XACML Conference Call Minutes

XACML Conference Call

Date:  Thursday, December 12, 2002

Time: 10:00 AM EDT

Tel: 512-225-3050 Access Code: 65998



The latest revised specification was approved as committee specification 1.1 pending necessary edits to change name of specification and remove the word draft. Also, there was later a vote to remove sections of Conformance dealing with attestations. Any edits received after the close of the editing period will be deferred to an errata section. However, if submission to OASIS is delayed until January, it is possible that current outstanding edits may be revisited and the spec revised.


Committee voted to submit the specification to OASIS for approval pending three attestations by 12/15. If three attestations are not received, submission will be delayed. The TC defined definition as stated on the website and in the specification was rescinded by committee vote. This effectively leaves it up to each attesting company to interpret the OASIS definition of successfully using before stating their attestation. It was felt this would be less strict and would encourage more attestations in light of the current IPR claims.


Action Items

  1. Carlisle to lobby Reuters for attestation
  2. Carlisle to distribute ContentGuard's latest email regarding their IPR
  3. Sun, IBM, and Overxeer to try and get approval to submit attestations by 12/15
  4. [ALL] Review and determine if your company can submit an attestation based on the changes to the definition for attestations.
  5. [Carlisle?] Update specification to 1.1 and make changes as voted.



Are there any outstanding action items from previous committee meetings? These items are from minutes in mid November:

  1. Anne Anderson to get comments to Tim Moses on the use of LDAP to store policies by 12/13
  2. Anne Anderson to update the digital signature profile by 12/20
  3. Hal to propose XACML changes for SAML 2.0.
  4. Simon to create SAML profile document (due after finalization of spec) by 12/20
  5. Hal Lockhart to release updated XACML primer by end of week




Approve new specification as committee specification 1.1.

To submit to Oasis if three attestations are received by 12/15

To remove mention of attestations from existing specification

To rescind existing TC definition of successfully using for attestations


Proposed Agenda:

10:00-10:05 Roll Call and Agenda Review
10:05-10:10 Vote to accept minutes of December 5 concall
(have minutes been posted yet?)
10:10-10:15 Vote to approve revised XACML 1.0 as a Committee Specification 
10:15-11:00 Discuss next steps

Roll Call

Ken Yagen, Crosslogix

Daniel Engovatov, Crosslogix

Hal Lockhart, Entegrity

Carlisle Adams, Entrust

Tim Moses, Entrust

Don Flinn, Hitachi

Konstantin Beznosov, Hitachi

Michiharu Kudoh, IBM

Steve Anderson, OpenNetwork

Simon Godik, Overxeer

Bill Parducci, Overxeer

Steve Crocker, Pervasive Security Systems

Polar Humenn, Self

Anne Anderson, Sun Microsystems



Raw Notes (taken by Ken Yagen)

Hal will send out minutes soon from last weeks meeting. Will approve next meeting


Vote to approve the revised specification as the XACML committee spec


Discuss items that came in after close of public review. Also, do we need to revise the spec number from 1.0 to 1.1. Need to approve new revised spec as committee spec and then vote to submit to OASIS


Daniel and Polar raised an error in the function section. New items raised should go into errata section.


Changes to existing 12/11 document to include changing header to remove draft, change number from 1.0 to 1.1, change date from dec 11 to dec 12.


Motion to approve new specification as committee specification voted and approved unanimously.


Three attestations required to submit. Anne suggests that we approve to submit to Oasis once three attestations are submitted.


Hal - if we are not going to get the document to Oasis by 12/15 then I suggest we modify the document.


Motion to approve that we submit to Oasis if three attestations are received by 12/15 - APPROVED


Discussion of IP statement required for attestation. For OASIS rules must state successfully using specification and are aware of and in compliance of IPR (if implementations are required as part of attestation).


Previously defined successfully using as passing the suite of conformance tests which requires an implementation.


If the definition of successfully using is in the opinion of the organization that they are "successfully using" the specification and willing to use it as a standard.


Overxeer is waiting for a statement from ContentGuard as to what part of XACML their patent applies to.


Sun's opinion is the OASIS IPR definition is broken and needs to change.


Sun can attest if we change the definition of successfully using. Can any other organization attest? Michiharu is waiting for approval before he can attest. Unlikely to happen by 12/15.


Would Overxeer change their position if changed the criteria.


Do not need to comply with IPR statement if not required to have an implementation for attestation.


Are other companies, not members of committee, that are working on implementations.


ContentGuard's statement is that implementation may infringe on patents not that specification itself would necessarily require any implementation to infringe.


Request that chairs or others lobby for attestations from Reuters or any others that may attest.


Would like to rescind existing TC definition of successfully using for attestations and defer to Oasis definition of successfully using and leave it to each organization attesting to interpret that. This would not require an IPR statement in order to attest to successfully using.



Motion to remove mention of attestations from existing specification voted and approved


Motion to rescind existing TC definition of successfully using for attestations voted and approved



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