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Subject: Re: [xacml] Specification number...

after looking at your webpage I see this is a done deal, but i already wrote
the below so I'll send it along for anyone interested..

I suggest simply monotonically increasing the doc file rev #. The "cs-" prefix
denotes maturity level. If we (SSTC) had done another rev of the "cs-" maturity
level specs, we would've simply bumped the edited files to "-02", even tho the
specs inside the files were "SAML v1 [rev n]". I.e. the "-01" on the SAML core
filename ~doesn't~ represent "saml v1" -- it's the rev of that particular file.

also, the spec will get a new filename when it goes "OASIS std" -- hopefully
(imo) with a unique, immutable "spec number" attached a la RFCs.

So I would've simply made the filename of the doc you just pub'd
"cs-xacml-specification-02.doc". If you really wanted to denote the xacml spec
ver in the file name (ie not just the file rev #), then I would do something
like "cs-xacmlv1-02.doc  (eg the ldap v3 I-Ds which were


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