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Subject: Rough minutes for April 3 concall...

Title: Rough minutes for April 3 concall...

Hi all,

These minutes were put together after-the-fact from memory and so are probably missing quite a few details (our usual minute-taker was unavailable today!).  If those who attended think of details that should be added for the record, or corrections that should be made, please send them to me (or to the list of attendees) and I'll do an update prior to the next TC call.  Thanks!



Minutes of XACML TC meeting:  April 3, 2003

Attendees:  Hal Lockhart, Carlisle Adams, Tim Moses, Michiharu Kudo, Steve Anderson, Simon Godik, Bill Parducci, Anne Anderson, Frank Siebenlist (new Prospective member), Tony Nadelin (Prospective member).

Quorum was not achieved until a few minutes into the call, so we began with Tim's discussion of the Use Case and Requirements document for policy combination.

 - this is draft #3; it does not take into account Frank's comments/suggestions.  The plan is for Tim (and any other interested parties) to have a verbal discussion with Frank to clarify some points and then issue draft #4.

 - Tim went through the 10 use cases listed in the document.  Minor discussion on a few of them (mostly clarification), but general consensus that this seems like a good set.

 - the hope is that this document -- once frozen as a Committee Specification -- will drive and guide the TC's work on policy combination.  Whatever we put forward as our initial specification in this area should address at least some subset of the use cases and requirements listed in this document.

Once quorum was achieved, we went back to the top of the agenda and conducted the following votes.
 - the minutes of the March 20 concall were approved
 - the proposed submission to SAML 2.0 was approved (after discussion regarding whether or not we needed to change the names defined in the SAML 2.0 namespace (e.g., AuthorizationDecisionStatement, AuthorizationDecisionQuery, and AuthorizationDecisionResponse); it was decided to prepend "XC" to these names (for "XACML Compatible") to reduce confusion).  Anne will edit the proposal to reflect this agreement and will send the update to the list; Carlisle will then formally submit the proposal to the SS TC.

 - the list of XACML 1.1 work items was approved (including the item from Simon on ID Attributes; he will send the concrete problem statement to the list today in order to meet the deadline for getting items on the 1.1 list).

Discussion of approaches for policy combination:
 - Tim led discussion of his document and Anne led discussion of hers.  There was some agreement that there appear to be two major differences:  (1) Tim's policies start in Disjunctive Normal Form (DNF) and Anne's start with arbitrary XACML policy instances (i.e., fully general Boolean expressions); and (2) Tim's approach is to merge policy instances prior to attribute evaluation, whereas Anne's approach is to find the attributes that satisfy the first policy and then test them to see which ones also satisfy the second policy.  As it turns out, the first is not really a difference, since Anne's approach starts with the arbitrary policy and then converts it to DNF as a first step.  As for the second difference, Anne claimed that she was just "exploring the possibilities" and felt that Tim's approach might possibly be a bit more solid.

 - the next step is for Anne to read Tim's proposal in more detail and, with the benefit of the thinking she has already done, send him some comments on ways his work might be generalized.  This should happen by next week.  All agreed that there is hope for a path forward.

Miscellaneous items:
 - next week's meeting is a focus group meeting.  The primary topic of discussion will be Simon's latest version of the errata document; we will try to agree to necessary changes, etc., to begin some of the 1.1 work.

Meeting adjourned.

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