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Subject: April 17 XACML TC Concall Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2003 XACML TC Concall Meeting Minutes


Polar Humenn
Anne Anderson
Hal Lockhart
Carlisle Adams
Time Moses
Simon Godnik
Michiharu Kudo
Maryann Hondo


Ed Reed
Tony Nadalin

Quorum Reached.

Meeting minutes for the April 3 concall are accepted.

Anne:   Asked NIST if they consider using XACML for RBAC language?
        Rick Kuhn from NIST said that they Wed-Friday of next week
        to discuss.
Hal:    Sell them on the feasibility on the technical approach
        of using XACML.

Carlisle: Poll for people for the focus group meeting next week?
        Most said yes.
Anne:   NIST has several models.
        Anne is working up some examples.
Carlisle: Do we need the whole hour?

Hal:    There is lots to talk about. Such things, should it be a 
        new TC, etc. 
Carlisle: Move to XACML 1.1 items.

Simeon: Status of the errata document.
        Published. Still does not reflect the current document.
        Items need to be closed in the Erata document.
        Needs to send a message to format Erata issues.
        Timeframe for closing some items. Should be done by
        the next TC call. 
        He feels that most of errata issues are closed.

Anne:   New Erata
        Anne pulled out all the errata comments from the mailing list
        that were not in Simon's document. She put them in Simon's
        proposed format and submitted them in 
Carlisle: Wants to go over problems in 
        Is the schedule still achievable for these items.
Item A:  Fully specify hierarchical resources
         Simon, should have a solution by next TC call.

Anne:    Suggests end of April for proposed solutions.

Carlisle: May 1 for solutions proposed to the list.
         May 29 for agreement on solutions.
Anne:    Need to delay the committee specification due to time needed
         to write things up.
Carlisle: Proposes that committee spec vote to June 26th TC Call.

Item B:  Deterministic algorithm for combining obligations
         Michiharu, He can get a proposal done by next TC call.

Item C:  References to Rules.
         Proposal contains solution. Nothing further to submit.
Item D:  Fixes for Erata.
         Simon, in progress.

Item E:  Condition References
         Michiharu, in progress, should be done.
Item F:  Properties for Conditions
         Michiharu, he'll try.

Item G:  Obligations in Rule Element
         Michiharu, it may be contentious, and may take more time.
Item H:  Define any elements needed in the XACML schema for use by
         a Digital Signature envelope for XACML
         Anne, Dropped

Item I:  Add an ID Attribute so can reference elements easily for
         use with Digital Signatures
         Simon, will complete in 2 weeks.

Other Item:    
         Approaches for Policy combination and compilation.
         Tim's proposal seems to be wining out. Anne is happy with it.
         Maryann Hondo and Tony Nadalin will send comments in by the

Discussion moved to "More errata"

Items 1 & 2:
        Accept Satoshi Hada's proposals.

Item 3: 
        Discussion ensued on Satoshi's proposal. However, we voted
        to endorse the following modified proposal:
        Change 2666 from [Optional] to [Mandatory]
        Change line 2667, "At most one Attribute value" to 
        "Exactly one attribute value element in which its content is 
        consistent with the data type declared in the attribute."

Anne: It's 11:00.
        Since we will have guests on the next call, she 
        suggests that items will be at the end of the next agenda.

Hal:   Announcement.
       He will be speaking at Network Applications Consortium in 
       Dallas at the end of the month. Authorization Engines, the 
       future of access control.
       Hal will send web page pointer to list.

Meeting Adjourned. 

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