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Subject: Re: [xacml] Action implication and propagation in XACML

actually, it is a good thing you brought it up because if you didn't, 
someone else would have! ('kitchen sinks' seem to thrive in 'committee 
specs' :o) i for one would prefer that we spend the time considering a 
number of resource models and attempt to come up with appropriate 
scoping terms (don't care for the idea of limiting applicability 
directly) before adding a YAKS (Yet Another Kitchen Sink) to the spec.

i say we pursue it.


Seth Proctor wrote:
> Of course, it's a slippery slope to changing
> the scope attribute to be an xs:anyURI and then
> letting that have much of the functionality we were
> looking for with implicit checks. Gah. I can't
> believe I even brought up that issue...
> Bottom line, I'm kinda ambivalent on the Ascendants
> issue. What do other people think?

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