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Subject: Re: [xacml] Conclusions from the May 22 XACML focus group concall...


I appologize for not being around much. I'm really busy with stuff here,
and with the OMG.

I have a question about proposal H. Rule References.
Are rule references allowed to reference rules outside of the policy?

Currently, the only way for a rule to exist is to be defined within a
Policy. If rules are going to exist outside the policy, then I believe
there needs to be a section on how a rule is defined.

Also, for rules to exist outside policies, statments like the following
become really confusing as to what has to happen when a rule definition
changes, but not its references.

 Section "5.20 Element <Policy>", change lines 2102-2104:

     The <Target> element MAY be declared by the creator of the
     <Policy> element, or it MAY be computed from the <Target>
     elements of the referenced <Rule> and <RuleIdReference>
     elements either as an intersection or as a union.

As the contents of the rule underneath references can change at any
momment. And furthermore, how does one know which policies are referencing 
the rule that changed?

Also, for Michiharu's "Rule Properties", this means that properties are
defined outside the scope of the algorithms that combine the rules. (i.e. 
what does a properity of "priority 1" mean in a rule standing alone?

It's just my consitency $.02 in things to think about.

I'm off to Europe tomorrow for 2 weeks for the OMG meeting and a wedding,
so I will have at best, limited time and limited access to email.


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