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Subject: Re: [xacml] Followup RBAC/XACML meeting

I can make June 9, as I'll be returnning from the OMG meeting on the 7th 
and wouldn't make the June 2 meeting either.


On Fri, 23 May 2003, Anne Anderson wrote:

> June 2 is not a good day for the NIST participants, and June 9
> has been suggested as an alternate date.
> Unless there are objections, the followup RBAC/XACML meeting is
> rescheduled to be as follows.  Carlisle has verified that the
> call-in line is available for this time slot.
>  Date:        Monday, 9 June 2003
>  Time:        10-11:30am EDT (7-8:30am PDT)
>  Phone#:      512-225-3050
>  Access code: 65998#
>  Agenda:
>   1. Walk through the APIs in the proposed ANSI Standard RBAC
>      model and identify which ones XACML can be used to implement
>      and which ones are outside the scope of XACML.
>   2. Identify next steps
> All XACML TC members are invited to attend.
> By the way, I have received a request from an XACML user that the
> TC should approve the XACML RBAC Profile
> (http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/xacml/download.php/2244/XACML_RBAC_Profile.html)
> a "technical note".  I don't think we have a "technical note"
> document category :-) but I would like to request that this
> document become an XACML TC working draft on track for approval
> as a Committee Specification.
> Carlisle, could a vote to approve making this an XACML TC working
> draft be put onto the agenda for the next TC meeting?
> Anne Anderson

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