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Subject: Re: [xacml] Rule References

 > You can easily do what is required by this Rule Reference approach with a
 > PolicySet and a Policy and hold to the model that the policy is a mimimum
 > point of administration.

again, it is not a *functional* issue, but implementational: verbosity, 
etc. make the alternative appealing, not more powerful. ;-)

 > That is okay, once you've compilied the policy into its parts. However,
 > if you change a component on the fly, that's a bad thing if you don't do
 > it in a semantic preserving manor.

this is why i suggested that it must be 'system bound' (making the 
original proposal impratical). as long as the system is aware of the 
changes, semantics may be adjusted as necessary regardless of where the 
change occurs in the policy structure.


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