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Subject: xacml errata v03

Xacml errata document v03.
I'm getting error message from archive lists for every search.
I listed errata items with proposed resolutions. I hope none of these is controversial and we can approve them quickly.
errata 3.6:
string-equality or uri equality for the subject category
proposal: not an errata, leave as is: string-equality. URI-equality implies URL-equality and this could get very complicated because URL can be url-encoded. Besides, this does not cover URN what subject attribute really is.
errata 3.9:
<XPathVersion> element and XPath-based functions
proposal: <XPathVersion> element is REQUIRED if the XACML enclosing policy set or policy contains <AttributeSelector> elements or XPath-based functions.
errata 3.10:
context node for xpath expressions
proposal: <xacml-context:Request> element is a context node for every xpath expression.
errata 3.11
semantics of the <attirbute-assignment> children elements
proposal: needs text.
Messages http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xacml-comment/200304/msg00007.html (how to combine multiple policy sets?) and http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xacml-comment/200305/msg00001.html (xpath-node-match and IIIG004Policy.xml) must be discussed and converted into errata format if it is actual errata.


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