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Subject: Attendance and membership

In trying to get the XACML TC web page in order, I checked the
membership list against the attendance reported in the minutes.

                    1 May   15 May   29 May   12 Jun
Frank Siebenlist    YES(p)            YES
Daniel Engovatov    YES     YES                YES
Hal Lockhart	    YES     YES       YES      YES
Tim Moses	        YES                        YES
Maryann Hondo
Michiharu Kudo	    YES     YES                YES
Anthony Nadalin	    YES               YES
Polar Humenn	                               YES
Steve Anderson	    YES     YES       YES
Simon Godik	        YES               YES      YES
Bill Parducci       YES               YES      YES
Steve Crocker	    YES     YES       YES
Anne Anderson	    YES     YES       YES      YES
Gerald Brose	

I know people have been on vacation.  Note that you can request
one automatic leave of absence in a year of up to 45 days if you
know you will be missing several meetings.  After that, you can
ask the TC to grant you at most one additional leave.

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