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Subject: RE: [xacml] xacml 1.1 draft 1

Colleagues - A handful of editorial comments.
Lines 4 and 31.  This is a committee spec., not an OASIS spec..
Line 5.  Perhaps, we should just assign a document id.  Let's not wait for an OASIS numbering system.
Lines 11 - 24.  Needs updating.  Also suggest removing email addresses.  Also Appendix D.
Line 995.  Wrong font.
Line 1950.  " ... be combined by the algorithm specified by ..." becomes " ... be combined using the algorithm specified by ..."  (Just removes repetition of "by").
Line 2612.  "The selected node is different from the node types listed above".  But the list above contains constructor functions (according to line 2583).
Lines 2635 - 2645.  Non-normative language.  In four place "is" should be "SHALL be".
Lines 3107 - 3117 and lines 3130 - 3144.  The phrases in the text don't match the phrases in the table.  e.g. "At least one applicable" in the text, whereas "At least one rule value is its Effect" in the table.
Lines 3172 - 3193.  I am personally still not happy with this explanation.  I don't have a specific proposal.  But, one signal that something is wrong comes from the fact that in line 3175 we say that "A named attribute is the term for the criteria ...".  But, in line 3180 we say that "A named attribute has specific criteria ...".  Is "attribute instance" more descriptive than "named attribute"?
I should point out that most of these comments apply to the original editor's work.  All the best.  Tim.
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From: Simon Godik [mailto:simon.godik@overxeer.com]
Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 5:05 PM
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Subject: [xacml] xacml 1.1 draft 1

Here is xacml 1.1 draft 1
Please let me know if I left something out.

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