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Subject: Minutes 10th July 2003

Committee: OASIS XACML
Date: 10 July 2003

1.	Hal conducted roll-call.  Quorum was achieved.

2.	Agenda.  The agenda posted by Hal ahead of the meeting was reviewed.
No revisions or additions were requested.

3.	Approval of minutes for the 26th June meeting.  Anne raised the
question of whether or not the committee had approved the incorporation of
"ordered" combining algorithms in the 1.1 version of XACML during the
meeting on the 26th June.  The meeting minutes do not record a decision.
Some discussion ensued.  The members agreed that a decision had been made to
incorporate these algorithms.  Hal will amend and post the 26th June

4.	Comments on draft v1.1 XACML specification.  Simon has circulated a
draft of the v1.1 version of XACML.  A number of people have posted comments
to the list.  These were discussed.

4.1	Anne posted text describing ordered combining algorithms in Message
62 of 30th May.  Discussion centred around three points: are ordered
algorithms necessary to achieve a deterministic outcome?  Are they
sufficient to achieve a deterministic outcome?  And should these algorithms
be mandatory to implement in v1.1?  It was determined that the current
definitions of the logic functions are already ordered.  But the group
couldn't say definitively that defining ordered combining algorithms was the
only additional step required to achieve determinacy.  It was agreed to
incorporate the ordered combining algorithms into v1.1, but not to make them
mandatory to implement.  Anne made the motion, which was carried.

4.2	Frank and Satoshi have had an exchange on the list on the topic of
string representations for the attribute issuer.  Some corrections to the
text arose out of those discussions and Simon has incorporated them into the
upcoming draft of v1.1

4.3	Tim provided some editorial comments.  These were labeled with line
numbers and (it appears) that, amongst the members, there were three
different line-numbering schemes.  This made discussion of the comments
somewhat difficult.  Using PDF should solve this problem for future drafts.
Hal mentioned that a free Word-to-PDF convertor is available from "PDF995".
The comments were discussed and approved.

5.	The members discussed the timetable for voting to advance the draft
v1.1 to committee specification.  It was decided to hold the vote during the
committee meeting on 24th July.  Simon was asked to provide a new draft by
17th July.  Some members will be unavailable for the 24th July meeting.
They will consider taking a leave of absence in order to help ensure quorum
for the vote.

6.	The meeting adjourned.

Tim Moses

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