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Subject: Re: XACML and OGSA SAML AuthzDecisionQuery/Response proposals. Forwarded message from David Chadwick.


Would it be possible to devote a good portion of the agenda on 21
August (probably going until 11:30am EDT), or else the entire
Focus Group meeting on 28 August to discussion of a joint SAML
2.0 Authz proposal with the authors of the OGSA proposal?

Anne Anderson

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From: David Chadwick <d.w.chadwick@salford.ac.uk>
To: Anne.Anderson@sun.com
Subject: Re: XACML and OGSA SAML AuthzDecisionQuery/Response proposals
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 16:03:59 +0100

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Dear Anne

I guess we have a cultural difference in the meaning of the term
meeting. In the UK it invariably means a physical face to face meeting.
The other is a telephone conference call, not a meeting :-)

So 14 th Aug would  be no good for me, as I will high in the sky
somewhere between Colorado and NY. The 21st will be OK though, as I can
be back in the office for that day, or the 28th either.



Anne Anderson wrote:
> Dear David,
> I was actually thinking of a telephone conference meeting.  The
> XACML TC has a meeting every week on Thursdays from 10-11:30 EDT.
> The off weeks (of which August 14 is one) are "focus group"
> meetings devoted to particular technical topics.  But I think we
> could also devote most of a regular TC meeting (perhaps August
> 21?) to such an important topic.
> I would personally be delighted to meet in person, but the TC
> members are scattered all over the globe and rarely hold
> face-to-face meetings.  Other members of the TC (such as Hal
> Lockhart, also based in the Boston area), are stronger SAML
> experts than I, and should be part of any serious discussions.
> I know our Internet Security Research Group here at Sun would
> enjoy meeting you if you ever get the opportunity to come to
> Boston.
> Let me know what will work for you, and I will try to arrange the
> XACML end.
> Anne Anderson
> On 29 July, David Chadwick writes: Re: XACML and OGSA SAML AuthzDecisionQuery/Response proposals
>  > From: David Chadwick <d.w.chadwick@salford.ac.uk>
>  > To: Anne.Anderson@sun.com
>  > Subject: Re: XACML and OGSA SAML AuthzDecisionQuery/Response proposals
>  > Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 00:17:53 +0100
>  >
>  > Dear Anne
>  >
>  > thanks for your message which I have quickly scanned just before going
>  > to bed :-)
>  >
>  > I am sure we can find a joint solution that meets all our requirements.
>  > During the Seattle Grid meeting, Frank gave me an initial email proposal
>  > from someone in the XACML group that seemed to already solve two of the
>  > four extensions we were requesting (although in slightly different ways
>  > to our initial proposal - but the syntax is not that important really,
>  > as long as the required semantics can be carried by SAML I dont really
>  > mind how the message is formatted).
>  >
>  > Concerning a joint meeting, I am flying to the US this Friday, to an
>  > IFIP security conference in Colorado, and am due to fly back to the UK
>  > on Thursday 14 August. I already have the tickets. I would like to delay
>  > my flight by one day and meet you if possible, but it might prove too
>  > expensive as I will have some of my family with me as well. I am
>  > currently due to fly to New York from Denver, arriving there mid
>  > afternoon on the 14th. I might be able to get a direct earlier flight
>  > and then I could leave NY as planned at 6pm. But you dont say where the
>  > meeting will be. I will see what I can do. Meanwhile, would JFK be a
>  > good place for a meeting?
>  >
>  > regards
>  >
>  > David

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