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Subject: minutes for August 7, 2003


Hal Lockhart

Daniel Engovatov

Tim Moses

Simon Godik

Tony Nadalin

Michiharu Kudo

Frank Siebenlist

Steve Crocker (scribe)


Non-voting members:

Ed Coin

Seth Proctor



Quorum is reached.


Minutes from last meeting were not published, probably not recorded.

Hal will reconstruct minutes from memory and submit for the next



Adjenda for the meeting: 

        The WSPL spec and voting it as a committee spec;

        Getting 1.1 finalized as a committe spec;

        Discuss need for a F2F prior to getting deeply into 2.0;

        Review 2.0 work items.


Item: Voting on the WSPL Spec as a committe spec.


Hal said the WSPL spec has been available for review.  Tim said the

original plan targeted a vote in Sept.  We currently don't have

profile for WSPL 2.  Tim wants to pospone any voting action on the

spec until Sept 18th to which Hal agreed.


Item: closing 1.1 out


Simon said the comments on 1.1 were made on things such as

missspellings, an example attribute value, updated committe members

list.  Hal wants to see it in final form, before the vote.  Simon will

send Hal the word doc who will then generate a pdf file (Hal

recommends www.pdf995.com for their free Word print driver which

generates a pdf file) and post it for a final vote as

a committe spec.


Item: Proposal to SAML for an authorization type that would accomodate

      an XACML request. 


Since the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) security

infrastructure has a similar proposal for SAML, the idea is to bring

them in line and make a joint proposal to SAML.  SAML face to face

will be in early Sept. so we want to get that proposal ready before

then.  We'll use the Aug 21 meeting to focus on that.  It will be an

abbreviated business meeting on 21st, then we'll spend rest of the

time and perhaps more to the SAML proposal.


Item: XACML face-to-face in October


It was agreed there is a need for a face-to-face.  Possible

conflicting conferences are the Global Grid Forum (Oct 5-9).  Hal took

an action item to generate ballots for possible times (2,3,4th weeks

in oct) and places (east or west coast).



Item: Step through the current list of 2.0 work items published in

      Anne's email of Aug 1.


The idea was to update the list and get champions for the items.  In

the end, it was mainly Hal going over the list since there wasn't a

great deal of open discussion today.


Simon stated he cannot do the editing for the 2.0 spec.

Hal said we'll need 2 people to volunteer for the editing job.


The methodology for getting 1.0 out worked well, which included a

deadline for when each item would be well specified, and a deadline

for getting to general agreement on the approach to an item or more

prefereably the general text of the solution.


Hal stepped through Anne's email of 8/1/03 briefly reviewing each item:

A few comments made along the way that were not in Anne's email:

1. grid requirements:

        includes SAML 2.0 proposal and changes to XACML

        Frank: has exchanged email w/ Anne & Jim listing requirements

               and features wanted.

        Hal: send a summary so we all can see it.

        Frank volunteered to be the champion for item 1.

2. Location information:

        This item is related to schema for function declarations

        (item 24) which Daniel is interested in.

19. Rules as administrative units:

        This seems to conflict with the CORBA model, but ebxml people

        want it.



It came up that Seth is co-author of a paper covering XACML usage

experience which has been submitted to the ACM conference on Computer

Communication Security to be held Oct 21st.  Michiharu is program

chair for the conference.  Seth will submit a copy of the paper so we

can get an advance look at it and incorporate the experience into our

direction for 2.0.


Hal prompted people to submit any new work items for 2.0, or to submit

any use cases supporting a position (one way or another) on a work




Discussion ended.


Meeting was adjorned.

Next week is the focus group.

Regular meeting is in 2 weeks. It will have a short adjenda and then

the meeting will move on to the joint XACML and OGSA proposal to SAML.

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