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Subject: Re: [xacml] another small time/date issue

why not? it is conceivable that it would information that the requestor 
  does not--or should not--have that could be used for accessing 
secondary information necessary to derive a decision. as you pointed out 
earlier this falls into the realm of operational control, and as such is 
beyond the XACML scope. still, it doesn't mean that XACML doesn't play a 
role in each decision.


Daniel Engovatov wrote:
> ..but PDP is not intended to be a source (for "adding/enhancing") of
> information, is it?  In most cases, one would expect the same piece of
> code to somehow provide both PDP and PIP services, but for the purpose
> of the standard these are two very distinct activities, I would imagine.
> Same reason as for why the bags are not ordered.  Attempt to prescribe
> how it is to be done may be too much for us to tackle, and I am not sure
> that we should try.  XACML is deterministic given that PIP and request
> provides the exact same data, but does not require that, beyond the
> statement that condition functions shall not have side effects and shall
> return the same response for the same arguments every time.
> D.

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