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Subject: minutes from Aug 21 meeting

In Attendance:
Hal Lockhart
Frank Siebenlist
Tim Moses
Bill Parducci
Anne Anderson
Polar Humenn
Ed Coyne
Steve Crocker
Steve Anderson
Simon Godik
Von Welch
guest: David Chadwick (University of Salford)

Quorum was reached.

Minutes from July 24 & August 7 (as amended) were approved.

Two ballots have been created and placed on the Oasis website to determine
the date and time the TC would like have the next F2F meeting.

The FAQ draft will be placed on the list in its current form. Formal
approval is scheduled for the next meeting.

Focus Group Status:
requested working session at SAML F2F on Tuesday or Wednesday
 * 2-3 hour session to hash out proposal
 * presentation to SAML group
 * Frank introduced a use case
 * v2.0 work items discussed, focus on conditions in azn request

We need to make sure that every v2.0 item has a champion; those items
without sufficient interest will be dropped.

Official meeting business ended at this point.

OGSA/SAML proposal discussion ensued.

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