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Subject: REVISED minutes from Sept 4 2003 meeting

<<revision includes suggested text from anne anderson>>

In Attendance:
(Voting Members)
Anne Anderson
Tim Moses
Hal Lockhart
Steve Anderson
Michiharu Kudoh
Bill Parducci
Polar Humenn
Tony Nadalin
Frank Siebenlist

(Prospective Members)
Seth Proctor

Quorum was reached.

TC Business:
Minutes from the last meeting were accepted without dissension.

The XACML FAQ was voted upon and accepted without dissension with the
amendments proposed by Bill Parducci. The FAQ is now posted to the list.
(Anne to run by The Mgmt for approval)

Hal reviewed the Oasis rules changes.

Bill and Hal will be joining the conversation later today between Oasis
and ITU. It is expected that ITU will only be interested in Oasis
Standards (vs. Committee Specs) so it is likely that XACML v1.0 will be
the mostly likely candidate for consideration.

The F2F will tentatively be held on the West Coast at BEA starting on
Monday, October 21, 2003 and will last two days. The agenda will be
worked out in the next two weeks.

Proposal to SAML:
The TC discussed the time and date for a meeting during the SAML F2F to 
finalize the abstract requirements and tentative syntax for the joint 
OGSA/XACML proposal for SAML 2.0 changes to authorizationDecisionQuery/ 
Response.  The goal of the meeting will be to prepare a final proposal 
for presentation to the SSTC on Wednesday.  The preparation meeting is 
likely to occur on Tuesday.  XACML TC people attending the SAML F2F are 
to report to other attendees when they are most available so a time can 
be determined.  Likely attendees are: Anne Anderson, Frank Siebenlist, 
Hal Lockhart, Simon Godik, Steve Anderson,
Polar Humenn, Tim Moses [any others?].

Anne will publish the latest list of abstract requirements prior to the

XACML v2.0:
Anne has introduced 'types' for v2.0 work items (New Functionality,
Simplicity of Policy Construction {aka "Syntactic Sugar"}, SAML Profile,
Erratum Fix and WSDL Profile)

Hal proposed that each Champion have his prospective item(s) defined
prior to the F2F in October.

Meeting adjourned.

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