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Subject: Re: web services policy breakout session at F2F

sounds like a great idea to me. i'll work with hal to get this setup as 
a topic for discussion on next thursday's concall (which is pretty much 
dedicated to the scope and scheduling issues of the f2f anyway.)

along those lines i think that it would be helpful for those planning on 
being on the next concall to start internally prioritizing f2f topics so 
that we can figure out how to efficiently run parallel discussions in 
san jose.


Anne Anderson wrote:

> Bill and Hal,
> Anne Anderson, Tim Moses, Frank Siebenlist, and Maryann Hondo
> (standing in for Tony Nadalin), the people who indicated interest
> at the last XACML meeting in working on a possible new web
> services policy TC, met this morning.  We would like to schedule
> some time during the XACML F2F to try to accomplish two goals
> outlined in the agenda below.
> Since there seem to be enough active XACML 2.0 work items to more
> than fill the time available at the F2F, we would like to suggest
> a break out session.  Perhaps a period could be designated for
> small groups to work on various proposals that have been
> identified as needing more definition, with the results being
> brought back to the larger group afterwards.
> The agenda for the web services policy breakout session would be:
>  1) Defining the scope of "web services policy",
>     distinguishing it from the large universe of things called
>     "policy", and also making it clear how it would work with and
>     be distinguished from all the other policy-related pieces
>     other groups have been defining.
>  2) A plan for getting acceptance for a web service policy
>     language and service interface binding profile(s) from all
>     the various groups that might be consumers of such a language
>     and bindings: privacy, SLA, cryptographic security, trust,
>     reliable messaging, ....
> Anne

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