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Subject: Proposal for WI#39 Status in Response Optional

39. Make Status in the XACML Response optional

   Makes it possible to allow Status for Indeterminate situations
   to be conveyed in the protocol envelope (such as SAML
   DecisionStatement) rather than in the XACML Response for cases
   where that is more appropriate.  Avoids having redundant and
   possibly inconsistent Status fields when XACML Response is
   carried in some envelope that also has a Status.

   TYPE: New functionality
   STATUS: Needs proposal.
   CHAMPION: Hal Lockhart
   F2F: No (resolve by e-mail)

Actually, we need to be more explicit about what StatusCode values are legal
with what Decision values. I presume that "ok" MUST accompany Permit, Deny,
or NotApplicable and that "ok" MUST NOT accompany Indetermininate, but the
spec does not say so explicitly. We should also indicate if implementations
can add their own StatusCode values.

As far as the proposed change goes, a minOccurs="0" and some text should


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