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Subject: F2F Info

As posted by Anne the F2F will be at BEA headquarters in San Jose.

The meeting is in building 2, but you will hae to check in at reception in
the main building.

I have arranged badges for the following people:

Rebekah Lepro, NASA
Maryann Hondo, IBM
Bill Parducci, Overxeer
Anne Anderson, Sun Microsystems
Steve Anderson, OpenNetwork
Michiharu Kudo, IBM
Tim Moses, Entrust
Polar Humenn, Syracuse University
Michael McIntosh, IBM
Simon Godik, Overxeer
Seth Proctor, Sun Microsystems
Anthony Nadalin, IBM
Frank Siebenlist, Argonne National Laboratory

If anyone else plans to attend let me know.

The main room has a speaker phone. We can use our normal conference bridge
(Tel: 512-225-3050 Access Code: 65998) however, I do not plan to connect to
the bridge unless someone requests access.

We now have a second, smaller room available all day on Tuesday on the same

BEA is providing a snack in the afternoon and bagels in the morning. There
is a cafeteria for lunch.


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