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Subject: examples in specification

[With everyone at the F2F I don't expect a quick response, but I figured
 that if things are getting slow, this will give you something to
 discuss <g>]

I've spent the better part of this morning trying to explain how
Obligations work. The question came up because of the example in section (Rule 3). In this example, AttributeAssignments contain
AttributeSelectors and AttributeDesignators. While this isn't illegal,
the example implies something about the specification that isn't true
(ie, that the PDP will interpret the contents of assignments), at least
as I read the specification.

This isn't the first example that has caused confusion. I know all work
items were supposed to be submitted before the F2F, but I would like to
propose that we review & correct all examples before the 2.0 release. I
don't think this is a work item so much as a natural requirement of
releasing a major-version revision of a specification, but I haven't
heard any discussion on the topic. Thoughts?


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