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Subject: problem with status detail

[apologies in advance if someone has already caught this...I know there 
are discussions about status, but I haven't seen this issue discussed yet]

In 6.15 there is an explination for what detail to include with the 
missing-attribute status code: Attributes specify one or more missing 
values, and if an AttributeValue is included, then this specifies an 
acceptable value. If no AttributeValue is included, then the PDP is 
specifying the identifier and datatype only. Sounds good.

The problem is that at some point the Attribute type was changed from

   <xs:element ref="xacml-context:AttributeValue" minOccurs="0"/>


   <xs:element ref="xacml-context:AttributeValue"/>

This means that it's no longer valid to have an Attribute with no 
AttributeValue. So, I don't think it's possible for the PDP to specify a 
missing attribute without specifying at least one acceptable value (note 
that even an empty AttributeValue tag, which is still legal, is still 
technically a value). Do others agree? If so, I think this is a problem. 
PDPs need a way to specify missing attributes without providing 
acceptable values.

Thoughts? The easiest way to fix this is to allow AttributeValue to be 
optional, but I suspect that may not be acceptable. The other option is 
to create a new element to specify just the meta-data.


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