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Subject: Minutes December 11, 2003 meeting


Von Welch
Michael McIntosh
Bill Parducci
Hal Lockhart
Anne Anderson
Seth Proctor
Michiharu Kudo
Tim Moses
Anthony Nadalin
Polar Humenn
Steve Anderson
Rebekah Lepro
Frank Siebenlist

Minutes from December 4, 2003 call were accepted without issue.

Tim reviewed the submission of the v2 Draft specification.

Current goal set the end of December as the dealing for completion of 
changes to the Draft.

Tim anticipates putting out one more Draft out before the end of the 
year. The v2 Work Items that are currently being worked for inclusion 
are: #7 (Condition References), #23 (XQuery definitions for time 
variables), #27 (version numbers for policies).

Michiharu summarized the current Condition Reference proposal thus:

Polar posted to the list a mechanism for variable referencing in 
response to Michiharu's original proposal. Proposal A in the current 
proposal uses Michiharu's ApplyReference mechanism (course grained 
reuse); Proposal B, which incorporates Polar's suggestion, is a more 
flexible and fine grained mechanism for reference.

Polar made the case for variable references (Proposal B) by discussing 
the potential for reuse for in other mechanisms due to its generic 
nature. Infinite recursion is possible with such a model, but most 
declarative systems allow for a similar approach; it typically requires 
some sort of recursion checking to eliminate this event.

Seth brought up the issue that recursion checking may be burdensome on 
the PDP based on the increased logic expense typically associated with 
of recursion checking.

The group decided that we will review the two approaches for Condition 
Reference and take up a vote on the ultimate solution at the next 
meeting (January 8, 2004).

Seth asked if Work Items #45 and #49 are the same thing?  The example in 
the current specification dealing with these issues is somewhat 
ambiguous.  The group is asked to review the modifications Tim has made 
to the existing example. In particular, Seth and Michiharu have been 
asked to scrutinized.

Seth also raised a question as to the status of Work Item #41 since it 
was to have a proposal by early November. Hal will resolve intentions 
with Daniel (owner of WI).

Tim raised a question re: Work Item #37: multi-valued attributes. 
Rebecca had asked that attribute values for MaxOccurs be unbounded 
earlier. Tim made some modifications to the schema per this request and 
asked that she review.

Michiharu raised an question with Work Item #9: hierarchical resources. 
There are two proposals for consideration (Anne and Simon) which 
requires clarification. Bill will follow up with Simon.

Meeting Adjourned.

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