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Subject: Minutes from January 8 concall


Von Welch
Michael McIntosh
Bill Parducci
Hal Lockhart
Anne Anderson
Seth Proctor
Michiharu Kudo
Tim Moses
Anthony Nadalin
Steve Anderson
Rebekah Lepro
Frank Siebenlist
Simon Godik
Daniel Engovatov
Maryann Hondo

Minutes of December 11 meeting, as ammended by Anne and Seth accepted

Condition Referrence was discussed, Michiharu (with Polar) and Seth will
develop final proposal via email

The group agreed that it was intended that the input context be optional.
Hal to post new proposed wording so spec says so.

It was agreed that Environment in Target be treated the same as Subject,
Resource & Action

It was agreed to clarify that the PEP is responsible for implementing
Obligations and understanding the semantics of any Obligation arguments

It was agreed that Resource ID should be optional in Policies.

Item 11 - Extension points - need a proposal from Simon

Discussed if Environment element is required in Req context (minOccurs="1")
agreed to leave it

AI to Chairs - Propose new schedule and dates for F2F in east - Entrust, Sun
& BEA offered to host

WI 9 - Porposal accepted

WI 23 - Seth to consult on new XML Schema time values

WI 27 - Tim will incorporate Seth's proposal

WI 37 - Response to proposal from Rebekah, discussion in progress

WI 41 - not active

WI 49 - closed, duplicates 45


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