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Subject: minutes from January 22 concall


Anne Anderson
Steve Anderson
Daniel Engovatov
Maryann Hondo
Polar Humenn
Michiharu Kudo
Michael McIntosh
Rebekah Metz
Tim Moses
Bill Parducci
Seth Proctor
Simon Godik

Minutes of January 8 meeting accepted unanimously.

Michiharu reviewed concrete proposal for Work Item #7 - brief discussion 
followed by decision to postpone vote until the next meeting to allow 
for fine tuning. Polar suggested that VariableId be a string value (vs. 
AnyURI). Tim will include the proposed text into Draft 6, awaiting final 

Reviewed Hal's proposed text for Work Item #57 ("Clarify Input Context 
Usage") - Anne moved to accept, Tim 2nd, approved unanimously.

Tim reviewed Draft 5 of v2.0 spec.

Rebekah summarized Focus Group concall - topic of call centered around 
SAML <--> XACML attribute convergence, including: concept of Issuer, 
concept of Attribute Identities and SAML interest in reasoning behind 
use of AnyURI data typing in XACML - It was noted on call that xs:types 
are not considered sufficient to handle all data types identified in 
XACML reqs.

Anne reviewed v2.0 Work Item status - results found here:

Bill requested that everyone interested in attending next F2F to please 
cast their vote on the current ballot on the site.

Tim brought recent Burton Group report to the attention of the TC and 
requested that the Chairs contact authors to resolve any current 
misunderstandings. Bill agreed to follow up on the issue with Hal.

Anne moved to close, Polar 2nd, meeting adjourned.

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