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Subject: Re: [xacml] OASIS List Trouble. Forwarded message from Polar Humenn.

> From: Polar Humenn <polar@syr.edu>
> [...]
> I noticed that Scott Proctor and Rebekah were having similiar problems
> before, was there a fix on the OASIS side?

If you mean "Seth" Proctor, then yes, I've had a similar problem. The
issue is that OASIS does some pretty strict header checking on all
incoming mail. It doesn't matter what your From: line says. My specific
problem has to do with Sun's outgoing name-mapping, but the idea is the

The name "polar@greene.case.syr.edu" is probably being set becuase
you're using Sendmail on your local Linux host to send. Have you
recently switched from a system where all mail was going through a
central gateway (eg, via SMTP)? If so, you should make sure all mail to
this list is routed that way. There are some other possible ways to
track this down to. My experience has been that it's better to fix this
on your side than on the OASIS side :)


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