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Subject: New F2F Ballots

I have posted three new ballots to try to set the date and location for our
F2F. Please vote on all three.

The reasons for the new ballot are that IBM has offered to host in Austin,
several people seem to have missed the prior ballots and I could not
understand how to interpret the votes cast.

The first ballot simply asks you to mark the dates you can attend.

The second ballot measures preference between Boston and Austin. (If you
strongly prefer Ottawa, email me.)

The third is intended as a tie breaker. Among the ones you can attend, mark
all the ones you prefer. Essentally prefering all and prefering none is the

The ballot is open until next Monday. Please vote as soon as possible, so we
can set our travel arrangements. If there is a strong trend, we may make the
decision at the meeting this Thursday.


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