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Subject: concrete proposal of condition reference (#7)

Hi Polar,
Here is schema based on Expression type and derived types. Choice group is also possible, I can put it together if there is
enough interest.
I summarise my assumptions on the topics discussed in previous emails:
1. Redefined variable definition - policy is invalid
2. Ok to have undefined variable reference in variable definition, but it must be defined later.
3. More than one place for variable definitions, ie definition can be placed close to the rule.
4. Expression evaluates to the value and this value remains the same for the entire evaluation. Value type is determined by the type of expression.
I replaced <Function> element with the <HigherOrderApply> because <Function> can not be made into expression by itself.
I'm not particularly attached either to it's name or definition, but I think it makes sense to define higher order expression element.


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