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Subject: next F2F - IMPORTANT

ok, it appears that there is space for the next f2f to be held in new orleans 
during the next oasis general meeting. HOWEVER, space is very tight and we have 
to make a HARD commitment by the end of this week to oasis to let them know how 
much space we will need set aside. there are facilities there for us to hold 2 
full day meetings.

the current thinking by the chairs is that if we are unable to garner a 
sufficient number of commitments to attend the april 26 meeting (i.e. have a 
quorum in attendance) that we will fall back to meeting in austin the week of 
march 9 (second in the ballot). this option has the ability to extend to a third 
day if necessary.

please either post a note to the list or notify hal or myself directly as to 
your intentions by NOON pacific time on friday.



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