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Subject: minutes from February 19th meeting

Here are the draft minutes.


Minutes of the February 19, 2004 XACML TC Meeting


  Bill, Daniel, Hal, Maryann, Michael, Seth, Tony

  Quarum was not reached.

* Hal says that everyone going to the New Orleans meeting should sign up
  at the OASIS site, even if you're only coming for the F2F...there's a
  free registration option if you're just coming for a F2F meeting.

* The F2F is scheduled for April 28th and 29th. We should try to wrap
  up all major issues by then so that the F2F can be used to get the
  spec into a final form.

* The RBAC profile was updated slightly by Anne while she was making
  edits. She sent out details on the three small changes that she
  made. Folks should make sure they're ok with these. (we'll probably
  vote on this again, but there's plenty of time for that)

* A proposal for adding Purpose features was made by Tim, but it sounds
  like this may be the starting point for a privacy profile rather than
  a part of the core. Look for a new document from Tim with additional
  thoughts from Anne.

* Brief discussion of work items:

  #2: This should be done as a separate profile, using #11 as a possible
      way to include references to the configuration data. Waiting on a
      clarification for #10/#11 before proceeding.

  ... we started discussing several other items, but decided that we
  couldn't make any progress with only those present. Hal will go
  through the list, figure out what needs to happen next and assign
  tasks to get us closer to closure.

* Hal asked about the Condition Reference proposal. Seth said that it's
  getting close, but there are a few details still to resolve.

* Hal asked that we try to get proposals finished by the next TC
  meeting so we can start voting on the remaining work items.

Meeting ended at 10:22

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