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Subject: Re: [xacml] URI match function

I am proposing that /a/b/* should not match /a/b/c/d that seems
to be implied by Tim's text.
I think /a/b/* should be wild card of /a/b/somenode e.g. /a/b/c
and /a/b/d. "Somenode" should not be a structure that includes
two or more nodes of child-parent relation like c/d.


             Bill Parducci                                                 
             erxeer.com>                                                To 
                                       xacml <xacml@lists.oasis-open.org>  
             2004/06/10 22:57                                           cc 
                                       Re: [xacml] URI match function      

just to make sure i understand, you are basically proposing that /a/b*
would be
used to match /a/b/ and not /a/b/* would not. is in other words, /* does
match / is this correct?


Michiharu Kudoh wrote:
> I have a question on url-match function proposed by Tim.
> (I would prefer uri-match to url-match though)
> According to his proposal, is the following correct?
> 1st arg           2nd arg           result
> /a/b        /a/b        match
> /a/b        /a          no match
> /a/b/*            /a/b        no match
> /a/b/*            /a/b/       match
> /a/b/*            /a/b/c            match
> /a/b/*            /a/b/c/d    match
> IMO, /a/b/* should match only to e.g. /a/b/c and /a/b/d.
> So I would like to propose another URI mapping that addresses
> hierarchical structure.
> For example, / matches any paths such as /a, /a/b.
> /a matches any paths that starts with /a. So /a matches
> /a, /a/b, /a/b/c, /a/d etc.
> Since the path specified as the first argument always propagates
> through the hierarchy, the function might be called as
> "uri-match-with-propagation".
> Best
> Michiharu

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