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Subject: Minutes of 10 June 2004 XACML TC Meeting

XACML TC General Body Meeting Minutes
10 June 2004; Time: 10:00 AM EDT

Bill Parducci
Polar Humenn
Seth Proctor
Anne Anderson
Michiharu Kudo
Hal Lockhart
Daniel Engovatov
Anthony Nadalin
Steve Anderson
Ron Jacobson
Michael McIntosh

Quorum reached.


Minutes from 27 May meeting voted upon:
    Corrections: none
    Approved unanimously.

1. Hierarchical Resources Proposal Discussion
    Currently on the list are proposals for an XML and non-XML
    representations of hierarchical resources & responses. All
    definitions in the proposal are normative but optional.

    Anthony: How would implementers know if this Profile was implemented?

    This opened the larger issue of how Profile, optional functionality
    adoption will be communicated for a specfic implementation.

    ACTION: Anthony will propose a solution for handling such (working
            with Hal and Daniel)

    Michiharu: has a proposal on the list for how to handle URI matching
               function that extends/modifies Tim's earlies proposal,
               specifically addressing the use of wildcards.

    Michiharu: Offered to generate Use Case for XML resource and asked
               others to submit Use Case for non-XML hierarchical

    ACTION: Michiharu will generate Use Case for XML resources

    ACTION: Anne will generate Use Case for non-XML resources

    ACTION: Daniel will generate Use Case for non-XML resources

    Seth: Shouldn't XPath expression evaluation be defined in the core
          spec? This type definition appears to be a unique case within
          the spec.

    Anne: The definition in the Profile is unique to hierarchical
          resources as it identifies that the resources are in expected
          to be hierarchical and that the context handler has no other
          type information to identify this.

          Discussion to continue on list.

    Summary: They are a few small tasks to address but in general the TC
             is in agreement with the base proposal.

2. XACML Time
    Hal: For Policies if timezone is given it must be honored, otherwise
         assumed local to the PDP. However leaving off timezone in
         Context may be problematic and doesn't provide obvious value.

    Seth: If timezones are critical then specify explicitly for both

    ACTION: Seth will review Use Cases for discussion on list.

3. RBAC Profile
     Anne reviewed Profile.

    ACTION: TC to review and vote at next plenary meeting (or raise
            issues on the list before then).

A detailed description of the Work Item issues may be found here:

4. General

    We are rapidly approaching the close of the v2 development process so
    the Chair asks that the TC begin reviewing outstanding issues in
    light of the desire to move to Committee Draft and Public Review


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