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Subject: Re: [xacml] ip address datatype & matching function proposal

Daniel Engovatov wrote:
> Ouch.  That is quite a lot of work, Bill. :)
> That makes me wonder - shouldn't we just wait when somebody working with
> IP based policies designs, gets some practical experiences, and
> publishes an extension function/datatype profile that we could adopt?

I'm with you, Daniel. We're supposed to be defining a core language and 
enough "extensions" (like standard functions or datatypes) to promote 
interoperability. I'd like to see functions like this promoted in 
separate profiles, and I'd like to see them happen when people deploying 
XACML can provide feedback on exactly what they want to do. Not to say I 
don't see value in what Bill suggested, because I certainly do. I just 
think that we should stick to the core features at this point and let 
features like this (which clearly require a fair deal of thought and 
feedback from users) progress separately.


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