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Subject: Re: [xacml] URI-match function proposal

People should be aware that any new profile, if you expect me to
write it, will have to get in line behind:

  - RBAC
  - Hierarchical Resources
  - Multiple Resources
  - SAML
  - DSIG
  - Privacy

Is someone else taking responsibility for this?


On 14 July, Bill Parducci writes: Re: [xacml] URI-match function proposal
 > From: Bill Parducci <bparducci@gluecode.com>
 > To: 'xacml' <xacml@lists.oasis-open.org>
 > Subject: Re: [xacml] URI-match function proposal
 > Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 15:17:29 -0700
 > working out a profile is fine with me (i was mentally preparing for it 
 > anyway ;o)
 > as preparatory material for the profile i offer the following...
 > true, with regex you can build all sorts of expressions that may match a 
 > variety of strings, however i would offer that any expression matching 
 > language will meet the same factors ("LIKE" being a good example). sure, 
 > one with less range in expression may be limited in its applied matches, 
 > but one that is less documented (as anything we come up with will surely 
 > be) will suffer from ambiguity.
 > for instance, does "*" mean "zero or more"? "zero more of the char to 
 > left"? "everything to the right of a '\' (or '/')"? "everything to the 
 > right of a '\' (or '/') until you reach another '\' (or '/')"?
 > things like only 1 wildcard per expression are appealing until you want 
 > to have something that will match this:
 > http://foo.com/user102/bar.html
 > http://foo.com/user102/blah.html
 > http://foo.com/user102/oink.xml
 > http://foo.com/user103/bar.html
 > http://foo.com/user103/blah.html
 > http://foo.com/user103/oink.xml
 > is it unrealistic to want to match a variable dir (in this case user), 
 > file name and file type? if so i count 3 wildcards to match the above 
 > *accurately*.
 > i can write a regex expression that will:
 > * only match user dirs (user102 and user103 only or any user if desired)
 > * match files named bar, blah or oink
 > * match files that are suffixed html or xml
 > ...etc.
 > i am concerned how are we going to do something like that with "*"? the 
 > reason why regex is 'ugly' is because it spends 90% of its 
 > expressiveness *scoping* 'wildcards'.
 > anyway, we can spiral off into the weeds of string matching later. it 
 > seems that we are agreed that v2 will go out ala reg in subtree match.
 > (hip ){2}ho{2}ray\!$   ;o)
 > b
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