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Subject: RE: [xacml] Six issues

Hi Tim, and other XACML-ites.

I thought I would comment on Tim's #6, below, and remark on the
"host" matching, as well.  I have probably only studied this
enough to be dangerous, and not enough to add actual value to the
discussion, so if what I say is garbage, then please dispose of
properly, and accept my appology for wasting folks' time.  In any
case, here goes ...

>  6. split URLs into three parts: a scheme part for which string-
>     match will be used; an authority part for which we will use
>     either ipV4Address-match or dnsName-match and a path part
>     for which we will use the existing regex-match function.
>     IP addresses will be distinguishable from DNS names because
>     they begin with a number.  Port number will be treated as
>     part of the path and, if it is missing, the default port
>     number for the scheme will be inserted.

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