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Subject: Minutes of 2 September 2004 XACML TC Meeting

Bill Parducci
Michael McIntosh
Seth Proctor
Tim Moses
Hal Lockhart
Frank Siebenlist
Steve Anderson
Ron Jacobson
Michiharu Kudo
Daniel Engovatov
Polar Humenn



I. Minutes from 19 August meetings voted upon:

    Corrections: none
    Approved unanimously.

II. XACML Issues

A. XPath data type
    Seth reviewed proposal for moving data type out of core spec. Seth
    asked that the discussion be tabled.

    Daniel would like to progress discussion further, but agrees that
    time does not practically permit for this. Also reconsidered position
    that XPath expression be handled as a string because of the
    contextual constraints of such expressions.

    Michiharu concurs with string argument and voiced concerns over the
    validity of the XPath expression in or out of the core spec. He has
    proposed that this is discussed with Anne (initial proposer)

    Tim will remove from core spec (does not affect schema).

B. Version matching
    Bill reviewed his concerns that we not create a XACML specific
    matching algorithm.

    Tim and Seth felt that the current version matching mechanism is

    After general discussion it was decided that there will not be a
    proposal to change this.

C. Document Status
    Tim will publish Draft v.15 by the end of the week.

D. General
    Internal Review of the specification formally begins today.

    Current plan calls for Committee Draft vote to occur during 16
    September plenary meeting

    All members encouraged to begin review process

    Meeting adjourned.


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