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Subject: Minutes of 16 September 2004 XACML TC Meeting

Bill Parducci
Anne Anderson
Seth Proctor
Steve Anderson
Michael McIntosh
Michiharu Kudo
Hal Lockhart
Tim Moses
Anthony Nadalin
Ed Coyne
Daniel Engovatov
Frank Siebenlist
Ron Jacobson
Simon Godik

Quorum is reached (13 of 15, 86%)


I.  Minutes from 2 September meeting voted upon:
     Moved: Anne
     Second: Bill
     Corrections: none
     Approved unanimously.

II. XACML Profiles: DSIG, Privacy and SAML - Committee Draft
     Anne reviewed DSIG Profile briefly
     Chair asked for objections to voting on all three Profiles. None
     were recorded.

     VOTE: Approve all three Profiles for promotion to Committee Draft
     Moved: Anne
     Second: Tim
     Objections: none
     Approved unanimously.

III. XACML v2 - Committee Draft
     Seth identified and editorial correction (in PDF):
     lines 4683-4686 - delete
     lines 4641-4642 - delete
     line 4640 - delete the word "the" at the end of the line

     VOTE: Approve XACML core (Draft 15) with changes presented
     for promotion to Committee Draft
     Moved: Daniel
     Second: Michael
     Objections: none
     Approved unanimously.

IV. Public Review
     VOTE: Begin Public Review of Committee Drafts (XACML core; Profiles:
     DSIG, Privacy and SAML) AFTER next Plenary meeting.
     Moved: Anne
     Second: Seth
     Objections: none
     Approved unanimously.

     Current Projected Timetable:

     16 Sept 04:  (TC) CD vote on XACML core; Profiles: DSIG, Privacy and

     30 Sept 04:  (TC) CD vote on H/R & M/R Profiles
                  Approval requires 2/3 of total membership of TC.
                  (TC) Vote to initiate public review.
                  Approval requires majority of quorum.
                  Chairs submit to OASIS TC Administrator for
                  initiation of public review all CDs

     30 Sept 04:  30 day public review begins.

     30 Oct  04:  30 day public review concludes.

     11 Nov  04:  (TC) Vote to re-approve CD and submit to OASIS.

     15 Nov  04:  Submit to OASIS with recommendation for
                  approval as OASIS Standard.  3 attestations of
                  "successfully using" must be submitted as part
                  of the package.

     01 Dec 04:   OASIS TC Administration submits to OASIS
                  membership; 15-day review period begins.

     16 Dec 04:   OASIS voting period begins.

     31 Dec 04:   Conclusion of OASIS voting period.

     01 Jan 05:   Approval as OASIS Standard.

V.  Future direction
     Tim - reviewed his proposal that XACML address 'management' policies
     in the future.

     Bill - introduced QoS and "Fail Safe" scenarios for qualified

     ACTION ITEM: Bill to post Use Cases to clarify scenarios

     Anne - RBAC should be progressed, as should delegation (policy

     Hal - voiced concern that TC make sure that future work stays within
     current scope. "things triggered on events" don't fit into this
     under his current understanding.

     Anne - TC should update TC Charter to evoke participation by those
     who may be in the application of such

     ACTION ITEM: Anne to propose present change to text for Charter for
     TC review

     Anne - request for list all TC members voting today for Committee
     Draft promotions

     ACTON ITEM: Bill to provide list to Anne/Tim for documentation

meeting adjourned.


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