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Subject: Minutes of 30 September 2004 XACML TC Meeting

Bill Parducci
Anne Anderson
Hal Lockhart
Simon Godik
Tony Nadalin
Michiharu Kudo
Tim Moses
Seth Proctor
Steve Anderson
Ron Jacobson
Polar Humenn
Rebekah Metz
Frank Siebenlist

Quorum reached
Super majority reached  (13 of 16, 81%)

Note: Tony cast his votes at the beginning of the meeting due
circumstances that prevented his further attendance on the call. His
votes were voiced as follows:

   Vote Promote RBAC, Hierarchical Resources and Multiple Resources
   Profiles to Committee Draft status : AYE

   Release all current Committee Drafts to Public Review: AYE

I.  Minutes from 16 September meeting voted upon:
     Moved: Anne
     Second: Bill
     Corrections: none
     Approved unanimously.

II. Committee Draft Round-Up

     The RBAC, Hierarchical Resources and Multiple Resources Profiles
     have been presented to promotion to Committee Draft status.

     Anne found two errors in non-normative section. These will be
     incorporated in the Committee Draft as read in the meeting.

      VOTE: Promote RBAC, Hierarchical Resources and Multiple Resources
            Profile to Committee Draft status:
      Move: Tim
      Second: Bill
      AYE: Bill, Anne, Hal, Simon, Tony, Michiharu, Tim, Seth, Steve,
           Ron, Rebekah, Frank
      NAY: none.
      Abstain: Polar

III. Public Review

      VOTE: Release RBAC, Hierarchical Resources and Multiple Resources
            Profile to Public Review (to be included with v2 core spec
            and Privacy, SAML and DSIG Profiles).
      Moved: Anne
      Second: Tim
      Approved unanimously.

      Hal - Those working on implementation of v2 should prepare for
      attestation as appropriate.

IV. XACML Charter Review
     Anne to propose an updated Charter proposal using the input from
     Oasis management (read on the call). Interested parties should
     submit their ideas to the list.

V. Conformance Tests
    Bill - there was some general discussion on the list re:
    Conformance Tests, including the question as to whether IBM would be
    continuing to generate XACML conformance tests.

    Michiharu - IBM will no longer be developing publicly available
    Conformance Tests.

    Hal - If there is interested in other taking on this work please
    notify the TC.

    Seth - I have been considering some informal tests that may be made
    publicly available via Sun's open source project.

VI. Administrivia
    ACTION ITEM: Anne to update website to reflect document status and
    place documents into repository.

    ACTION ITEM: Tim to remove Simon from Editor list (per Simon's

    ACTION ITEM: Hal will draft notification to Oasis management.

    ACTION ITEM: Hal will draft announcement for Oasis news.

Meeting adjourned

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