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Subject: Minutes of 14 Octoberr 2004 XACML TC Meeting

Bill Parducci
Anne Anderson
Hal Lockhart
Tony Nadalin
Michiharu Kudo
Tim Moses
Ron Jacobson
Rebekah Metz
Seth Proctor
Michael McIntosh
Polar Humenn
Frank Siebenlist
Steve Anderson

Quorum reached


I.   Minutes from 30 September meeting voted upon:
      Moved: Anne
      Second: Rebekah
      Corrections: none
      Approved unanimously.

II.  W3C policy conference update - Anne
      The conference was composed of various factions, from those
      interested in simple "ANDs & ORs" to those looking for complex
      inference mechanisms.
      There was significant interest in Obligations and how they are
      Anne presented WSPL, focusing on comparing individual assertions
      allowing a standard "intersection engine" to make decisions.
      "Features & Properties" in WSDL received a lot of attention.
      Position votes were inconclusive on W3C direction.

III. New mail list
      XACML-users has been created (at the behest of Anne) and it is
      setup to provide a forum for users interested int eh expression of
      XACML policy. The list is actively being used now.

IV   XACML v2.0 Status
      The TC has moved all compiled docs to public review. There have
      been no comments on the comments list to date.

      Anne reviewed SAML profile with Eve Mahler and found an
      inconsistency (a feature of SAML that no longer exists in SAML
      2.0). Anne will post her finding to the list.

V. General Business
    TC will be looking for attestations soon.

    Looking for interested parties to work on compliance tests (extending
    from 1.0)

    Those interested in working on the open source implementation of
    XACML contact Seth.

    Frank is continuing his work with delegation; Hal asked for review of
    direction if possible. Frank offered to presetn something within a
    few weeks.

    Tim wanted to draw attention to Use Case he posted re:distributing
    policy. Rebekah will be posting a list of questions regarding this.

    Tim identified a team at MIT that is working on techniques to
    identify conflicts in policies and is looking for a policy corpora to
    use for research. Seth offered to follow up on this.

    Rebekah asked if there is a concrete position with respect to WS
    Policy? Hal reviewed the history of this issue, concluding that WS
    Policy is solving a problem that is out of the current XACML scope.
    Tim noted that WS Policy is in a state of flux, however he suggests
    that XACML can be used with WS Policy by incorporating it as the
    authorization component. Frank believes that WS Policy seems to be an
   "envelope". Hal pointed out that the term "policy" has come to mean
    many things in WS Policy and its meaning is being worked through now
    in the WS Policy TC.

Meeting adjourned.

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