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xacml message

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Subject: Minutes of 9 December 2004 XACML TC Meeting

Steve Anderson
Edward Coyne
Daniel Engovatov
Simon Godik
Polar Humenn
Ronald Jacobson
Michiharu Kudo
Michael McIntosh
Rebekah Metz
Tim Moses
Anthony Nadalin
Seth Proctor
Erik Rissanen
Frank Siebenlist
Anne Anderson
Hal Lockhart
Bill Parducci

Quorum reached (100% per Kavi)


I.   Minutes from 11 November October meeting voted upon:
      Move: Anne Anderson
      Second: Rebekah Metz
      Corrections: none
      Approved unanimously

II. XACML v2.0 status

   -Core spec:
    Tim:  A posting has been made re: naming consistency to comments
          list. The changes are:

          regexp-rfc822Name-match -> rfc822Name-regexp-match
          regexp-x500Name-match -> x500Name-regexp-match

    VOTE: Approve XACML v2 Draft 04 as Committee Draft (with update to zip file
          to reflect that "03" will be changed to "04" in the Policy schema file
          repository as specified)
          Move: Anne Anderson
          Second: Daniel
          Corrections: none
          Approved unanimously

    VOTE: Submit XACML v2 Committee Draft to Oasis for Standardization
          Move: Tim Moses
          Second: Daniel Engovatov
          Corrections: none.
          Approved unanimously. No IPR submissions made

III XACML non-XML representation Proposal
     Daniel: A human readable syntax for XACML should be possible that
             will allow for easier consumption/generation of XACML
             policies by non-XML experts, particularly when editing

             There is sufficient interest in the idea by the TC for
             Daniel to explore further.

IV. General Business
     No definitive plans were made for next F2F, however Tim's proposal
     will be considered when timing of work plan develops.

     Hal will follow up with Oasis to determine policy re: XACML
     Reference document guidelines.

    The next meeting will be held on January 6, 2005.

meeting adjourned.

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