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Subject: Minutes of 6 January 2005 XACML TC Meeting


Steve Anderson
Daniel Engovatov
Michiharu Kudo
Michael McIntosh
Tim Moses
Anthony Nadalin
Seth Proctor
Erik Rissanen
Anne Anderson
Hal Lockhart
Bill Parducci
Ron Williams

Simple Majority Quorum reached (62% per Kavi)



I.   Minutes from 9 December meeting voted upon:
      Move: Anne Anderson
      Second: Tim Moses
      Corrections: none
      Approved unanimously

II. XACML v2 Status

      The specification has been formally submitted to Oasis and is now
      in the first phase of the approval process (2 week general review).

      The formal voting period begins January 16 and lasts two weeks.

III. Meeting Schedule
      Anne proposed that we evaluate the current concall meeting

      Upon review of member locations (Asia, North America and Europe) no
      clear improvement in the schedule was determined. The current
      schedule will remain in place.

IV.  Future Work Items
      An informal poll of items currently being considered for further
      study are:

     * delegation

     * schema generalization

     * subscribe/notify mechanism

     * parameterized decisions (QoS applicability, etc.)

     * non-XML grammar binding


Meeting adjourned.

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