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Subject: Re: [xacml] Typos in the SAML profile schema

The list of errors I have found is attached below. I have not needed the
protocol schema, so I have not tried to run it, rather I just noticed
that some of the errors are in both of the schemas.


The fifth lines in both schemas say:

They should be:

There is an extra '>' at the end of line 47 in the assertion schema
and at line 54 in the protocol schema.

The import elements at lines 18 and 20 in both schemas have incorrect
namespace attributes. They should be the same as the target namespace
in the imported schema documents. The attribute says "...:cd-01" while
the schema target namespace says "...:cd". I suppose also that the
imports should be updated to link to the latest drafts, not draft
01. That would also mean that the namespace prefixes "xacml-context"
and "xacml" would need to be updated.

The element declarations have incorrect type names. What is needed is
a namespace prefix. Currently the element declarations look like this:

  <xs:element name="XACMLPolicyStatement"

They should be something like this:

  <xs:element name="XACMLPolicyStatement"

where xacml-saml needs to be defined to point to the target namespaces
of the schemas.

The extension base type of the Complex types is incorrect, at lines 34
and 47 in the assertion schema. It says:

      <xs:extension base="samlp:StatementAbstractType">

but the StatementAbstractType is defined in the SAML assertion schema,
so it should be:

      <xs:extension base="saml:StatementAbstractType">

"minOccurs" on line 37 in the assertion schema is incorrectly spelled
as "MinOccurs".

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 11:01 -0500, Anne Anderson wrote:
> I have not received any previous information about typos or other errors
> in the SAML profile, so a list of specific errors you found would be
> very helpful.  We can post it as an "errata" document on the web site.
> Thanks,
> Anne

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