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Subject: Minutes of 3 March 2005 XACML TC Meeting

Anne Anderson
Seth Proctor
Bill Parducci (minutes)
Michiharu Kudo
Tim Moses
Tony Nadalin
Rebekah Metz
Hal Lockhart
Erik Rissanen
Ed Coyne
Polar Humenn

Quorum reached (56% per Kavi)


I.   Updated Minutes from 17 February meeting voted upon:
      Approved unanimously

II.  F2F
      Tim offered Entrust facility for Thursday and Friday, April 28 and
      29 for the next F2F meeting.

    VOTE: Hold the next F2F in Ottawa, 28-04-2005 & 29-04-2005
    Discussion: There will be dial-in capabilities available
    Approved unanimously

      Tim to provide logistics information to the list.

      Bill to create an on-line ballot to determine attendance

II. Focus Group Review

     Hal reviewed Focus Group call. Subsequent to the call Frank posted
     references to XACML-like authorization processing.

IV. Future Direction
     Bill will generate possible schematic solutions using Tim's
     "generalization" proposal as a solution to the QoS and "fall back"
     decision Use Cases.  Tim offered that his proposal be used as the
     communication vessel, so this document will be revised to include
     the results.

     Hal will review the outstanding Use Cases and proposals to formulate
     a "State of the Specification" summary to attempt to clarify the
     current requirements and proposals.

Meeting adjourned.

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