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Subject: Minutes of 17 March 2005 XACML TC Meeting


Anne Anderson
Seth Proctor
Bill Parducci (minutes)
Michiharu Kudo
Tim Moses
Hal Lockhart
David Staggs
Steve Anderson
Simon Godik
Daniel Engovatov

Quorum NOT reached (46% per Kavi)


I.   No vote on minutes due to lack of quorum.

II.  F2F - Ottawa
      Ballot closed. It appears that there will be between 6 and 8

      The two main topics for discussion will cover delegation and schema

II. Focus Group Review

     Bill reviewed Focus Group call. Simon has posted proposed schema
     enhancements to the list based on the conversations in the call.

III. General Business
      Hal has reviewed the delegation work and offered that the TC needs
      to draw a glossary to ensure a clear understanding of the problem
      and proposed solutions. He then covered the key issues he felt need
      to be addressed. Hal will generate a document summarizing his
      understanding of the problem within the next week or so.

Meeting adjourned.

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